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About Us

 Care for Bharat is a young organisation that aims at fostering a culture of giving and caring….

We aim to make donations of old, used but usable materials more convenient by filling in the information gap between donors and NGOs who help the ultimate beneficiaries. We list all credible NGOs (within NCR) according to their Cause and Region. Donors can choose to “Drop Off” their donation or we can arrange for a “Pick Up” on behalf of the NGO since we partner with our logistics company for the same (Holisol Logistics Pvt. Ltd.).

We also help NGOs in mobilizing volunteers for their organisations through increased visibility on our website.

Our market research has shown that even though people would like to help NGOs, they are unable to do so due to lack of information or inconvenience. At Care for Bharat, we overcome these inhibitions. We also provide donation reports to our donors, tracking how their donations are helping those in need and we take feedback very seriously!

CareforBharat was conceptualized by a bunch of young students from Delhi University, mainly St. Stephen’s college who have previously worked with NGOs or in the social sector and have the zeal and enthusiasm to make a difference. This is our humble endeavour to assist NGOs that are doing commendable work and try to mobilise resources for them – people’s materials and people’s time.