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Business Development Intern

Application Deadline: 24th September.

Internship Period: 26th September – 6th November

How to Apply: Fill out the application form below. 


  • The Business Development Intern will play an important role at Care for Bharat. There are a variety of sub-profiles within the Business Development category.  Some of the functioning would include NGO interface (bringing NGOs on-board the CareforBharat network), Corporate Sponsorship (securing monetary support for CareforBharat operations) and Corporate Donations (encouraging large scale non-monetary donations to CFB’s partner NGOs through corporate donation drives).
  • The Business Development intern must have leadership ability and initiative.
  • High performing interns get the opportunity to win the “Best Intern Award” and ‘Special Recommendation Certificate’ apart from the internship certificate.
  • The Care for Bharat internship is exclusively performance based, allowing interns a large amount of flexibility and initiative in all areas. Moreover, Care for Bharat Campus interns will not be required to report to the CFB office regularly, allowing them to pursue flexible work schedules.
  • The performance of the interns will judged only on the basis of set metrics of performance. There will be no subjectivity in the process. The internship is exclusively based on results, allowing the interns to use their own ideas and initiative to achieve the required results.

Eligibility criteria and selection procedure

  • Care for Bharat is looking for individuals that have the ability to engage with Care for Bharat stakeholders including partner NGOs and Corporates.
  • The applicant must fill out the Application form, following which short-listed candidates will undergo a telephonic interview.
  • To be eligible to apply for the internship, the applicant must currently be under 25 years of age, pursuing either Under-Graduate or Post-Graduate studies.  The applicant must be based in Delhi/NCR.

Terms and conditions

  • The Business Development Internship is applicable for a 6 week period starting the 26th of September, ending on the 6th of November.
  • Care for Bharat is a not for profit trust registered under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882. Registration Number: 755/2013.
  • The intern will not be remunerated in any manner for their work with the aforementioned organisation.
  • The “Internship Certificate” will be given only to those individuals that are actively engaged in the activities that are to be carried out from time to time in such capacity.
  • Care for Bharat reserves the right to not award an internship certificate at the end of the internship period if it deems the performance of the intern non-satisfactory.
  • The Intern must carefully go through the above terms and conditions and send his/her formal acceptance of the same. 

Application Form