Donate Now


We work hard to create a large variety of free pickups that everyone can benefit from, regardless of their locality and which NGO they support.

Logistics, warehousing , hosting ,website development, registrations and filming equipment projects are very costly, and keeping it a free pickup service for everyone to donate does run deep into our own pockets. We’re just a bunch of college kids and all expenses currently are coming right from our pockets.

Our ultimate goal is to keep the pickup service free indefinitely, and donations are part of what allow us to do that. It does not matter whether you donate a lot or a little, once or monthly, a donation of any size helps us immensely and allows us to keep doing what we’re doing.

We are always striving to care for the needy in our country ; 100% of the donations we receive go directly into the logistics and warehousing and running of the pick-up.

You don’t have to donate monetarily; word of mouth is as valuable as cash. If you want to help Care For Bharat stay free, help us grow by spreading the word about what we offer in every way that you can. Share us on your favorite social networking site, talk about us, blog about us, help us get the word out!

How can you help us?

While scheduling a Pick-Up you can contribute by paying the delivery person. It’ll be just like a Cash on Delivery order when you buy online. To make it transparent you may fill the desired amount in the Schedule a Pick-Up form so that we can keep track of your contributions. Remember ANY amount even Rs 1 can go miles in helping us.

If you wish to contribute in any other way , feel free to get in touch with us at or call us at +91-9999675100. We’d love to hear from you about anything.